About baobab

The way we learn is changing.

Training is an ongoing process. Without continuous learning and assessment there can be a significant drop in the amount of knowledge we retain over time. The issue is even more pronounced now that the internet is changing how we learn, since having information wherever and whenever we need it is actually rewiring our brains away from deep retention. Classrooms trained us as formal learners, but more and more we’re becoming self-directed social learners who rely on a global network of peers. Traditional skills training is being replaced by a new model. Bite-sized chunks of learning (microlearning) have been shown to be more efficient and more cost-effective. It’s personalised training on demand, built around our increasing appetite for text-light video content – and Baobab sets out to reflect this new training environment with a fresh approach to petroleum engineering e-learning.

Skills training needs to stay ahead of the curve.

You’re devoting time, money and energy into your skills and development, or those of your team. Ever changing industries like petroleum engineering demand well-informed and multi-disciplined people and keeping skills and knowledge up to date can be time intensive and involve cost considerations like travel and accommodation. With Baobab you or your team can complement or even replace traditional classroom learning with an on-demand alternative. With searchable, high-engagement video tutorials and interactive assessments on demand, Baobab is a revolutionary learning management system for petroleum engineering. Where educators and businesses once relied on CVs and certificates to gauge their staff’s employable skills and competencies, workforces are increasingly adopting digital badges to represent these both online and offline. Baobab reflects this shift by using its own badge system, awarding a range of achievements for every step of the learning process.

Everything you need, whenever you need it.

A Baobab subscription gives you access to all the concepts that build solid experience. It gives you practical software tutorials so that you or your team can apply those concepts and practise them. It gives you interactive assessments and achievement badges to measure your progress and demonstrate your professional skills as you train. Pick and choose learning resources from Baobab’s searchable knowledge base to refresh your memory or fill the gaps in what you know – or complete a formal, structured course to learn everything you need and earn a certificate. Baobab isn’t just a learning resource; it’s the first of its kind. It’s the key to creating a high-value, multi-disciplined team – or the springboard to your own career in petroleum engineering. Let's go.