What is a Baobab badge?

A badge represents a competency for a particular area of expertise in a job discipline.

Competencies consists of skills, knowledge and abilities to perform specific activities

Each competency is tested at three levels - Level 1 (Awareness/Knowledge), Level 2 (Skill) and Level 3 (Expert/Mastery)

For example, a “Well Performance Prediction” badge at Level 1 consists of the following components:

How do I earn a Baobab badge?

A badge is awarded by the successful completion of a TEST for each component until the first level is achieved.

A TEST is a series of questions that is passed by answering 5 questions in a row correctly.

Level 1 tests fundamental concepts.

Level 2 tests applications (hand calculations and software tasks).

Level 3 tests a combination of concepts and applications at an advanced level.

What can I do with a Baobab badge?

When a badge is earned in Baobab, this will be able to be earned as an “Open Badge” which can be shared outside of the Baobab website. This conforms to the standards set by Mozilla and contains digitally embedded information such as the issuer, criteria and recipient and be shared across the web.

A Baobab badge can be downloaded by the user to their device and/or uploaded to Badgr’s digital Backpack.

The Backpack lets you store the Open Badges you earn, and share them between platforms, anywhere on the web (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.)