Baobab Frequently Asked Questions

Which browser is best to use?

Most content works on all browsers but for the best experience we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. The least compatible browser is Internet Explorer (which has issues with HTML5).

Before signing up, please check that you can view the videos by clicking on "Sample Content" in the footer area.

NOTE: IF using IE 11+, then Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 is required to view the videos. Running Windows 7 will not work.

What are my subscription options?

On the Sign Up page you can choose between 1) An individual course, 2) All content (topics) or 3) All content and courses. The difference features are outlined in the table (see Options section of home page).

Please note that if you wish to add another option before your first subscription period has ended (e.g. another course), you must use a different account (email address).

When does my subscription start?

Your account is created (and your subscription period starts) on successful receipt of payment. You will receive an email containing your temporary log in details.

Why am I being charged VAT?

VAT is only applicable if you are an individual consumer located in the UK or the European Union (EU) or a business customer located in the United Kingdom (UK). Business customers located in the UK can reclaim VAT.

If you are a business customer in the EU, you must provide a valid VAT registration number (VRN). VAT will not be charged but you will be liable for VAT in your home country.

If you reside outside the UK or EU, then no VAT is due.

What is the difference between All Content and All Courses?

All Content is like a large book and can used for reference purposes. Content is organised by chapters and then individual topics. Users can browse through all contents in any order.

All Courses are structured groupings of content in order to achieve a particular objective (e.g. learn about Artificial Lift Design and Diagnosis). The longer courses award Certificates.

What is the difference between Quizzes, Practical exercises, Tests and Exams?

Quizzes and Practical Exercises are used in the course to assist in learning. They provide feedback and advice. An Exam is taken and the end of a course and must be passed to earn a course certificate.

Tests are used to assess skills and competencies of progressive difficulty (Level 1 = Knowledge, Level 2 = Skill, Level 3 = Expert). They are used to earn Badges for specific skill sets.

How do I earn a course Certificate?

Course certificates are awarded for all courses that are equivalent to a 1 day classroom course or longer. To collect a certificate, all videos must be watched to the end and all Quizzes and Practical Exercises taken with a score of 80% or higher. A final exam must be passed with a score of 80% or more to award a course certificate.

How do I find something quickly?

Use the global search feature (left tab), which scans all video titles, descriptions and transcripts, plus your notes. If you want to know how to do something quickly, then check out the "How do I" courses or the "Case Histories".

What are Badges and how do I collect them?

Badges are a recognition of a particular set of skills at different levels. They are linked to typical skills and competency sets for Petroleum Engineers. You can collect Badges by passing Tests (in the All Content section). Note: Badges are being progressively implemented and should be completed by mid 2020.

How are courses assigned?

If you are in a large company (with an Enterprise account), your Enterprise Administrator will be able to assign specific courses to you from time to time and monitor your progress.

How does the video Q&A work?

You can post a question under each video and other users can post answers. Other users can vote these answers up (if they agree with it) or down (if they don't) and the answers are ranked by the new number of positive votes. In this way, your peer groups are providing the most relevant answers first.

How do notes work?

All users can take notes for any video or quiz and these are summarised on your home page. Notes are also searchable. Notes are private to your account and not visible to other users.

Can I download videos or quizzes?

No - all content is to be viewed online only. Any attempt to download or record videos or quizzes is a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Where can I get more technical information?

More technical information is given in the Resources and References section of the Introduction (All Content). This contains useful books, papers and web links. Or, post questions under each video and await answers from other users.

How do I turn on captions or subtitles?

Click on the icon in the upper right corner of each video and select the language and colour.

Why can't I login?

This could happen if your subscription has expired or you have entered an incorrect password more than 5 times. Either renew your subscription following the link given in your renewal reminder or under your home page options. If you have a valid account, request a new password on the login screen.

Why is the video I am watching poor quality?

This may occur if you have a slow connection speed (less than 500 kbps) in which case the videos may pause intermittently. Slow connection speeds may affect quality on mobile IOS devices (iPad and iPhone).

Why do I get a message "This video is unavailable"?

Either your connection to the internet is lost or, in very rare cases, a server may be down. Try again after a few minutes. This may also happen if you have a firewall that is blocking video or flash content.

How can I send feedback about the videos or requests for new content?

Please email [email protected] if you’d like any help or to leave us your comments, feedback and suggestions for future content.